Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A fake Dexter's Lab movie trailer called Dexter's Odyssey

According to TV Tropes, "The creation of fake trailers to make a movie look like it's from a completely different genre has become one of the Internet's most beloved recent art forms, such as The Shining as a family-oriented romantic comedy, the one that started it all, The Windows Moviemaker sample video as a sci-fi horror or Mary Poppins as a slasher horror flick, or Prince Of Space as a summer action movie.

Disney is a real sucker for its movies getting recut with Horror trailers, or in one case, The Lion King as a hardcore political thriller."

Here's one recent example of a fake movie trailer: a fake, fan-made, and made-up movie trailer for a fictional Dexter's Laboratory fantasy epic movie called Dexter's Odyssey:

So, on the comments page, tell me what do you see in the Dexter's Odyssey fake movie trailer? And wWhat's your best part of the Dexter's Laboratory fake movie trailer that I've posted on YouTube?

Well, enjoy! And see it at your own risk!

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