Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The First Seven Minutes of Disney's Dinosaur

Although Disney (the producing studio) still barely made a profit from this one, Dinosaur (2000) was one of the first serious attempts at blending all-animated characters (in Dinosaur's case, CGI) with live action scenery for a modern live action/animated movie. Here is the best thing in Disney's Dinosaur---The first seven minutes of the movie.

The only two things that are different in this video edit of mine is that Plio's opening narration is missing and that The Carnotaur attack scene is played without background music (unlike the actual movie). I don't even own this anyway, for it belongs to Disney, not me. But anyway, enjoy the first seven minutes of Disney's Dinosaur, everybody! Haters of this movie, beware!

P.S. Here are two different sets of Thumbnails from the first seven minutes of Disney's Dinosaur; one is the 4 panel and 4 coloumn one; the other is the 8 column, 8panel one.

Enjoy the first seven minutes of Disney's Dinosaur, everybody!

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T-Rex said...

Roar! Thanks for posting this, Tim. This is a great movie everyone should see!