Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dropping In On James Cameron's 'Avatar'

Dropping In On James Cameron's 'Avatar': "The director invites us into his edit room, plus a first look at Paul Rudd and Steve Carell's 'Dinner For Schmucks.' (12.16.09)"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The First Seven Minutes of Disney's Dinosaur

Although Disney (the producing studio) still barely made a profit from this one, Dinosaur (2000) was one of the first serious attempts at blending all-animated characters (in Dinosaur's case, CGI) with live action scenery for a modern live action/animated movie. Here is the best thing in Disney's Dinosaur---The first seven minutes of the movie.

The only two things that are different in this video edit of mine is that Plio's opening narration is missing and that The Carnotaur attack scene is played without background music (unlike the actual movie). I don't even own this anyway, for it belongs to Disney, not me. But anyway, enjoy the first seven minutes of Disney's Dinosaur, everybody! Haters of this movie, beware!

P.S. Here are two different sets of Thumbnails from the first seven minutes of Disney's Dinosaur; one is the 4 panel and 4 coloumn one; the other is the 8 column, 8panel one.

Enjoy the first seven minutes of Disney's Dinosaur, everybody!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray! Dexter's Odyssey is greenlit by Cartoon Network!

The time has come for me. Cartoon Network really liked my Dexter's Odyssey idea. I'll be working on it, very soon. Very soon indeed. Here's what Knuclear200x has got to say:

I just got back from Cali last week, and decided to take a tour at the Cartoon Network studios. On the way there, I was just walking around the studio lots and noticed one of the meeting rooms were open. I decided to discreetly walk in and see what they were discussing. They were discussing the new cartoons coming out this year including Genndy's upcoming "Sym-Bionic Titan". It was a small crowd at the time, but i noticed that familiar names, Tartakovsky, McCracken and Dwayne McDuffie (who is awesome cuz i saw him at a con panel once) were addressed and a three other guys I didn't know.

It was a great opportunity to shake the hands of my favorite creators, but at the last minute I thought about a certain somebody. It would be cruel but Timbox just had to hear it from them to hear what they think about his work i was going to mention. I snuck in with a polite "hey". It was a little awkward but a gentle tone of voice helped lend their ears to me.

I mentioned the basic aspects of Dexter's Odyssey including all characters who might be there and what the stories would be. Long story short...and surprisingly...they took it very well. We looked up further all materials of every single aspect and changes were discussed, agreed upon, but they were still quite skeptical of the whole thing. They asked for my contact info, and I just walked away but not before saying "Hey, if it doesn't work"

I just came home from work today as normal, then i felt something vibrate in my pocket. There was an unknown number on it and just for kicks I just answered it in case it was another wrong number. It was none other than Stuart Snyder. HA JUST KIDDING. Stuart Snyder's secretary, Linda. or somehting. Anyway, the idea was approved well across the halls of the CN building, and she said that they have started on writing, storyboarding etc. and there is a speculated finishing time by 2011. They said that my idea was one of the best ones they've heard for a while, among a pile of crap for CN Real. Then I thought, wait "MY idea"? I was going to say it wasn't me but she said that they would award me somehow along with the fact that they were going to put my name in the credits (ooh my name on tv for 2 seconds ) under the special thanks. I expressed my appreciation and hoped for the best in the future. She also mentioned that they would call me back and give me a small role in production and writing, WITH PAY! And what luck, I am planning on moving to CA permanently since we cant afford two rents and facilities with my dad's unfortunate salary cut...thanks recession.

So yeah...long story short, they liked Timbox's idea and thanked ME for all of gonna be in the animation business. yeah.

I'll be there. I'm gonna be encouraged to do it. Good Job, Cartoon Network and thank you for approving my ideas!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Timmy's World: An Epic Journey Through Pictures and Music

Here's a 90-minute slideshow that I created 2 years ago. It is called Timmy's World: An Epic Journey Through Pictures and Music. Here it is!

So, do you like it or not? What do you see or hear in that slideshow? What did you think of it? Well, What's your review?